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In this category you will learn everything about “How to…” with your router. Stuck with your username and password forgotten ? Learn how to recover them with ease ! Want to reset your router but don’t know how to proceed ? Learn it with our detailed walkthrough… This page is the ultimate tool box if you want to master your router device.

What will I learn on this how to with my router page ?

How to... do anything with your router ?
As we said it before you will learn everything about your router daily usage. On this page you will find links to some nicely written tutorials on how to reset your router if you want to get the original and default settings back, how to find your default router’s IP or your default username and password if you want to login into the admin area to make some changes. Everything is well explained with details and you will become a true expert in a few minutes 😉

Don’t know how to setup your router ? Check it out down here…

How to reset a router ?

If, for any reason, you want to reset your router, read our full article to know all the consequences of doing so. Learn how to reset a router correctly not to face any problems after it’s done. All default settings will be set back so beware of what you’re doing, your internet connection might be broken after that…

How to recover your router password ?

Each time you want to log in into your router’s admin you will be asked for your password. Maybe you changed it when you set your router up at the beginning, or maybe you kept the default one (not recommended). But you might have forgotten it ! Learn how to recover your router password in this guide, there are 4 different options to reach your goal !

How to find your router IP address

If you want to log into your router’s admin area you will need your username and password as seen above but your will need the correct IP address to do so. As you’re not logging in every single day, you might have lost this information. Learn this guide on how to find your router IP address, the most common one is 192.168.l.l but it might me different regarding the router’s brand and model you’re using. Detailed instructions for Windows, OS (Apple), Linux, iOS, Android and Chrome. Everything is covered !

Default router passwords

By popular demand we created a huge database of default router password. You can find more than 1,000 different router models with their own default password to log in to the admin area. All brands are covered (2Wire, 3Com, Belkin, Cisco, Trendnet, Alcatel…). Find yours by entering the default router passwords database, and it’s, of course, 100% free ! You can also find this database on the main index, you just have to enter your brand/model in the search box and we’ll find it !

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