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Everybody can forget the login and password of its router, it’s not a device we’re using every single day. Once you forget your router’s password you’re stuck. What can you do to recover it ? Easy ! Just follow this step by step tutorial, 4 options to save your time…

Options to recover your password

There are 4 different options you can use to reach your goal, first is to find the default login and password on your device, second is to search in the default database we provide you with, third is to reset your router to the original settings and fourth is to forward ports without using any login nor password. Let’s check them out !

Find your default router login and password

Your default username and password are written in your router’s user manual. If, for any reason, you can’t find your manual anymore, you can check on the back of your device, most routers have their default credentials written, just have a look to some random router’s back in the picture below to know where to look !

Default username and password are written on the back of your device

If you still can’t find those information, and if you’re sure not to have made any modification to these login & password, you can check the default router passwords list to find yours.

Use the router username & password database

Every single router in the world has its own default username & password. You can find more than 1,000 different routers in our huge database, just click on the link above (default router password list) and search for your brand and model. Once you’ve got your default credentials you can login to your router’s IP address to set it up and make some changes. If you don’t know this IP, another help from us: just have a look to this page: How to find my router’s IP address and have fun !

Reset your router

If you’re still stuck after using those 2 first options you might consider having your router reset. Be sure to use this option carefully, because reseting your router means reseting ALL changes that have been made before: forwarded ports, wifi configuration, custom passwords, network settings, parental controls and much more. If you don’t know what you’re doing, either ask someone who knows that stuff or try to read our article about how to reset a router.

How to reset a router with ease

You need to use a pin or a paper clip to press the reset button (avoiding any accident), hold it on for 30 seconds. Once the button is released all original and default settings are set back. You can now login using the default credentials.

Forward ports with no password

Last option to recover your router password. If you don’t know your password you can still use the universal plug and play system (UPnP) to forward port. There are many different applications which allow and instruct routers to open their ports. If you have a UPnP-enabled router, those ports will be open automatically. UpnP PortMapper allows you to forward any ports you want. If you’re using an app that supports automatic forwarding of ports you will be able to find the connection settings alongside the port configuration. As for the reset, use this option with caution, if you don’t know what you’re doing don’t do it or ask someone who knows !

How to recover a router password
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