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Sometimes you might need to reset your router. Be aware that resetting a router means it will change the settings back to the original and default ones. Nothing more, nothing less. Maybe you forget your login and password and want to make some change in the admin but are not able to login, that’s a solution. Maybe you just purchased this router to a friend or anywhere else but forget to ask for the credentials and are stuck with your new device. In any of these situation and sometimes in any other ones, you can reset your router back to the default settings. Thus you will be able to login to the admin with ease, you can find the default router password list in this article or try the search box on the main index page of this website.

There’s a difference between reset and reboot your rooter. With reboot you only cycle power to it, with reset you set it back to default settings (like a brand new router)

What will be changed while reseting my router ?

As we said, reseting your router means you will set the original and default settings to your device, it means many different things will be change, here’s a list:

  • Router username and password will be changed
  • Your Wifi username and password will be changed
  • Your ISP username and password will be changed
  • Any portforwards set will be reset
  • Any firewall settings will be reset
  • Any configuration will be reset

As you can see this is serious business ! Use it with caution or ask anyone who really knows how to proceed ! You might end up with serious internet connection troubles…

Tutorial to reset the router

To reset your router, find the little button and hold on 30 seconds

  • Find, at the back of your device, the little “reset” button.
  • With your router ON, use a pin or a paper clip and press and hold this button for 30 seconds.
  • Normally lights will change on your device. Lights might be blinking.
  • Let go of the reset button and everything is reset to default settings.

Reset a router: The Video

If you did not understand this written tutorial (really ?), here’s a clear video showing a D-link router being reset. Even if your device is not a D-link one you will find this video very helpful !

Find you router after the reset

Once reset is completed, your router is “brand new” with all its default factory settings. You might be able to find it using any of your connected device (wifi). Your router will still have the same internal IP address. If you don’t know it you can find it on the page: How to find a router IP address, you will also need the default login and password to log in.

Wireless router

If you’re using a wireless router process is the same to reset it. Just find the reset button on back of your device and use a pin or anything else and hold on for 30 seconds until the light start to change. And you’re done !

DSL Router

If you’re using a DSL router you will need a WAN password. You can ask your ISP for this password. You will find all information on the back of your router (brand/model/serial number). In any cas you can refer to your user’s manual, everything should be explained inside.

How to reset a router
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