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All routers do not have the same default IP, it depends on the brand and also on the model. On this page you will be able to find the most common default IPs and to know which routers are most likely to be set up with.

Why do all routers have different default IP ?

What is your router IP, find it here
All brand are using what they think is the best default IP but of course results are different. You can find around 10 common default IP and you will be able to know more about each of them. We’re going to talk about,,,, and

The most common one:

This IP address is the most common one, used by many brands on many different router models, so if you just bought a router device you might have to configure your 192.168.l.l to set up your router correctly. Enter our full tutorial on how to configure it. Fast and easy !

Configure the router IP

You might have to set up your router with this IP if you’re using a Netgear or a D-link device. Enter the full guide to set up your IP address. This address is similar to or to the default one above 192.168.l.l. It’s a private gateway IPv4 network address. Read our tutorial to sort that out with ease !

Set up your router with IP

Many different brands are using this default IP address for their routers, you can find it if you bought some Motorola, 2Wire, AZtech, Gigabyte, CenturyLink, Thomson…etc devices. Read our article to set up your router with this IP address. It’s a private IP address. default IP address configuration

This address is the default one on quite all routers sold outside the US. It’s a private network address used by many different home broadband routers worldwide. Only one device can be using this IP. Read the full guide on how to set up your router using this IP. You can do it in three easy steps with our tutorial.

Router with IP address

You should have this default IP address if you’re using a home broadband router from brands like Belkin, Siemens, Edimax or SMC. Find our tutorial with default username and password for those brands on how to set up your router using this IP address. Everything is easy to understand and you’ll be ready to go in a few minutes.

Set up your router with IP address

This IP is slightly different, it’s a class A IP address with a default subnet mask to be, it’s used by different broadband routers from brands like Comcast or Cisco. Read our tutorial on how to set up your router using this IP address. Notice that those routers are most likely to be used in a professional environment than a personal one.

What about the IP ?

If you found this IP to be your default one, warning ! It’s a fake one and nothing will be able to work if your setting up your router with it. It looks like you’re using a D-Link or NetGear device and the correct IP address should be instead. Read our article about this fake IP and how to remove it and use the correct one.

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Router IP
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