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This IP address is sometimes used as a default gateway local address for network routers. This is a class A IP address (with default subnet mask to be Only one device can be setup using this address, it must be unique in its own private network. Some routers from brands like Cisco and Comcast are using as their default address. It could be used instead by any other device but it’s normally assigned to a network gateway or network server. This IP is more commonly seen on business networks than in home ones which normally use default 192.168.x.x IP series.

What’s a gateway IP address like ?

A gateway IP address like is called a default gateway when it’s the local side of a device (router or wireless access point) connection to internet. Once connected to this network, users will be able to see on their devices (computer, mobile phone or any connected object) the address as the LAN (Local Network Area) IP.

How to login to ?

Once again it’s very easy to login to this IP address, as always you’ll have to follow these easy steps:

  • Type in your favorite browser’s address bar the IP.
  • The login page will appears on your screen, enter your username and password. You can find these details on the back of your device or in your user’s manual. If you don’t have any of those you can try to search on the front index page of this website for your router brand/model and find the default credentials.
  • Once inside choose the “Network” tab or link or section.
  • You can also use other methods like Dial-up/DSL if your ISP (Internet Service Provider) gave you some login/pass.
  • For instance, Google have both DNS and working.

Log in to the IP gateway address

I can not connect to this gateway IP !

If you’ve got some problems to log in to IP address, check the most common issues below. Remember, as we wrote it above, that this IP address is the local side of a device connection to the internet. Once any device join the LAN, they will see this address in their TCP/IP network settings. You can use the ping function to check if any devices are using/connected to this address.

Most common troubleshooting issues

You can encounter different issues when working with this IP address, here are the most common ones and how to solve them:

  • On WiFi network you might have an incorrect client address assignment. If your device is connected through the SSID (Network Name), the IP settings are automatically set. It might sometimes be corrupted or lost. Try again.
  • Your device, connected to the network, may sometimes stop working due to failures of the device or the network itself.
  • Settings must have the address set as static (and not dynamic). Sometimes this address is not set correctly either dynamic or with some typo.
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