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WARNING ! If you are using the please remove it, it’s a fake router IP address. Your correct IP address should be This IP is the address of some broadband routers like NetGear and D-Link. It’s a private IPv4 network address, it’s used to set up the default gateway. Just enter this address into your browser address bar and it should work fine, you will be able to enter the admin area if you have your username and password.

Don’t use the IP address as it’s a fake one, use the instead or it won’t work ! is a fake IP address

Using this IP address will not work in any way, you should not try to use it of you won’t be able to configure your router and will have no internet connection whatsoever !

Use the instead and it should work

All modern and recent recognize this IP address as fully authorised. Just enter it in your browser and you will be able to login into the admin area to enter configuration settings. Once inside you will be able to adjust and change somme stuff like WLAN settings, Proxy, Dsl, security options, Network name and of course your username and password to secure your home network…

How can I login to

As said before you won’t be able to login. You should enter your username and password BUT you should enter instead.

I forget my username and password

If you forget your credentials you can try different option, the first one is to use default login & password you can find them in your user’s name or in our list of password (try the search box on the index page of this website). The other option is to reset your router by pressing the “reset” button on the back of your device with a paper clip or a pin. Hold on 30 seconds and everything will be set back to original settings. Once done you can use the default username & password to log in and set your own settings !

Here you can find how to reset your router

Please use this reset with caution, while resetting your router you will end up with DEFAULT settings and all previously set settings will be lost. You might lost your internet connection. So if you don’t know what you’re doing, please ask someone who know or call your customer support hotline. Everything should be well explained in your user’s manual.
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