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If you’re using this IP address you should be a user of some broadband routers from SMC, Siemens, Edimax or Belkin. This IP address is set on many different router models when first sold and many others may be configured to use it as default.

How to login to IP address ?

If you want to login into your router’s admin are to make some change and adjust settings you will need to enter the IP address ( DO NOT enter www. or it won’t work) into your browser’s bar. Once it’s done you will be prompt with your username and password in order to complete the login process. Sometimes you might encounter some problem especially if your router is not connected (or disconnected) to the network. Your browser will show you a white page with an error message. IP address is used by routers from SMC, Siemens, Belkin and Edimax

What to do if I lost my username and password

If you forget your username and password you might try one of those below, depending on your router’s brand. If you never made any change to your default configuration. Using IP address means you’re surely using one of those brands router and you’re welcome to try these default credentials and check if it works.

  • SMC Router:
    Default username: “admin”, “smc”, “cusadmin”, “smcadmin” or blank
    Default password: “highspeed”, “smcadmin”, “root”, “barricade”, “password” or blank
  • Edimax Router:
    Default username: “admin”, “root” or blank
    Default password: “conextant”, “admin”, “root”, “1234”, “epicrouter” or blank
  • Belkin Router:
    Default username: “admin” or blank
    Default password: “admin”, “password” or blank
  • Siemens Router:
    Default username: “admin” or blank
    Default password: “admin”, “user” or blank

Sometimes you might want to try to type http://router in your browser’s address bar, some home internet service providers supply routers that can be configured using this way. Give it a try, who knows…

Restrictions using IP address is a private IPv4 address, it can not be used to link to a router outside of your home network (you must use the public IP address instead). To avoid any IP conflicts you must use one different IP by router setup at home. If you use 2 routers those must be using different IP of everything can be messed up. To confirm an IP address for your first local router you can look up the default gateway set on your device connected to it. You can also use our full guide to know how to find a router IP address.

How to change the default address ?

If you want to configure 2 (or more) routers at home you will need to change the default address as only ONE router can be using it. It’s easy ! Just login to the admin area using your username and password and change the IP setting and you’re done. Repeat this operation for each and every other routers that will be used at home.

How to reach

As always you will need to type this address in your browser and you will need to enter you credentials to enter the admin area. If you forget them, just have a look to your user’s manual or try to find the default username/password in our database or reset the router to use the default ones.
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