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Maybe you’re wondering how to set up the brand new router you just bought ! You search for it on google and end up here ! Good news ! You will find all reliable information to reach your goal ! First of all you should read your user’s manual, everything should be explained inside. Sometimes manual is missing or you lost it and want to set your device up again. We are her to help !

How to set my router up ?

Set up your router, follow the step by step tutorials
Setting up your router can be useful if you want to share your connection with different devices at home (or at work): ipad, iphone, computer, TV, gaming consoles and much more. Some brands give some step by step tutorials to set them up easily, some don’t. Don’t be afraid, you will learn how to set your router with our guides, whatever your brand or model might be ! Enjoy…

Set up a 2Wire router

You just have a brand new 2Wire router at home and want to set it up fast to enjoy Internet on all your devices. Please have a look at our full tutorial on how to set up a 2Wire router with ease and you will be to surf in a few minutes. Whatever your model can be: 1000hg, 2701HG-D, 3600HGV, 5012NV… or any other.

Set up a 3Com router

Wether you have a 3000, 5000 or 6000 router model you can follow our step by step guide on how to set up a 3Com router and you’ll be ready to go in 5 minutes. 3Com routers usually use the default 192.168.l.l IP address. Once in the admin you will be able to change some settings (SSID and password…) to secure your home network.

Set up a Belkin router

Belkin home broadband routers are becoming more and more common these days. Their design is impressive and the quality is very good ! Read our full step by step guide on how to set up a Belkin router to know how to changes the settings of your AC750, AC1200, AC1900, AC1600 model (or any other one).

Set up a Cisco router

Lucky you ! If you have a Cisco home router it’s so easy to set it up. Any model are included: Netranger, Ciscoworks, Catlyst, Aironet, Arrowpoint, Concentrator… Read the full article on how to set up a Cisco router and discover that everything will be done by a software. Easy as 1.2.3 !

Set up a Trendnet router

To set up your Trendnet router you must connect it first, everything is explained. You can also watch a video on our dedicated page on how to set up a Trendnet router and see by yourself that everything is easy. All models are ready to be configured: AC3200, AC2600, AC1900, N600, N300 and much more !

Set up ANY router

You are using another brand broadband router and do not know how to set it up ? You lost the user’s manual or can not find any hints on the internet ? Relax ! Read our 13 steps guide that will sort that out for you ! How to set up ANY router is a tutorial working with all routers from all brands and any model !

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Set up router
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