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2wire company logo2Wire is now part of Arris, but this company sold a lot fo of different routers in the past and you surely have one at home if you’re reading this.

This company produced routers but also different stuff for telecommunications like services, hardware and software. You can be sure those devices are working properly, quality is always here with 2Wire.

Which 2wire models can be configured ?

Quite all models can be set up following the tutorial below, here is the full list of models: 1000hg, 1000s, 1000sw, 1070-B, 1700hw, 1701HG, 1800hg, 1800hw, 2071, 2071-A, 2700HBV-2, 2700hg, 2700HG, 2700HG-B, 2700HG-D, 2700HG-D, 2700HG-E, 2700HG-S, 2701HG, 2701HG-B, 2701HG-D, 2701HG-D, 2701HG-G, 2701HG-G, 2701HG-S, 2701HG-T, 2701HGV-B, 2701HGV-E, 2701HGV-W, 3600HGV, 3800HGV-B, 3801HGV, 5012NV-002, BT2700HG-V, i3812V.

Different 2wire routers that can be setup

Tutorial: How to setup your 2wire router model

This tutorial explains how to setup your router. Some steps might be slightly different depending on the current model you’re using, but it should be working fine for all 2wire devices.

Sneak peak into the 2wire router's admin page

  • 1. Type in your browser’s address bar the default router’s IP, should be for all 2wire routers.
  • 2. Once on the login page (screenshot above), enter your username and password to log in
  • 3. Select “Wireless Setup”
  • 4. Enter “Admin” using the default password which is “admin”
  • 5. Click “Apply” or “Submit”
  • 6. Click on “Enable wireless interface” (be sure it’s ticked)
  • 7. You can change your network name (SSID) to any name you like
  • 8. Untick “SSID Broadcast’ if you want your connection to remain hidden
  • 9. Check “Wireless Security”, must be on
  • 10. Select “Authentication Type”. Be sure the default settings are set to WPA-PSK & WPA2-PSK, do not change anything here until prompt.
  • 11. Check “Use Customer Wireless Security Key”
  • 12. Enter the key
  • 13. Click “Save”
  • 14. You’re done, your 2wire router is now setup correctly

If you have any problems setting up your router correctly you can either read the user’s manual or try to contact your ISP customer support for help !

How to set up a 2Wire router
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