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3Com company logoIf you bought a 3Com router you’re ready to set it up. Normally you can find all information in your user’s manual.

All models can be setup following this step by step tutorial. Models are 3000 router, 5000 & 6000.

All routers are now made by Hewlett-Packard but still have the 3com brand on them.

The company was brought by HP in 2010 and disappear since then, so your router might be old but still working as quality was good ! It’s quite impossible nowadays to find new 3com routers, all have been replaced by HP models.

Tutorial how to set up your router

3com router models than can be setup using this guide

  • 1. Connect your router device to your phone and computer.
  • 2. Type in your browser’s address bar the default IP which should be
  • 3. Once on the login page (check picture below) enter your admin password (default should be “admin”)
    Enter your password to enter your router's admin
  • 4. Enter the “Wireless Settings” tab
    Wireless settings for your 3com router
  • 5. Change your network name (SSID) with any name and click “Aplly” (or “Save”)
    Change your network name SSID
  • 6. Click on the encryption tab to find something like the pic below
    WPA setting for your 3com router
  • 7. Set the “WPA” field to “WPA-PSK”
  • 8. Set the “WPA mode” to “WPA2”
  • 9. Set “Encryption technique” to “AES”
  • 10. Set “Pre-shared Key (PSK)” to your password, it must be at least 8 characters.
  • 11. Click “Apply” or “Save” and you’re done, your 3com router is now fully setup.

If you’re experiencing any problem with this setup guide you should try to read your user’s manual, some steps might differ depending on your model. You can also try to contact your internet service provider customer support for any help.

How to set up a 3Com router
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