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Belkin company logoIf you have a Belkin router, this tutorial is made for you. You will learn how to set your device up following these easy steps. Belkin is a Californian brand which bought Linksys to Cisco in 2013. It sells different products like routers, network switches, hubs, cables and much more.

Which Belkin models can be configured ?

Quite all models can be configured correctly following this tutorial, some steps might be different but if you follow this guide you will be able to configure your device with ease. Here is a list of fully compatible routers: AC750, AC1200, AC1900, AC1600, AC1200, AC1750 AC1200 DB, AC 750, N300, N750, N750 DB, G54/N150, N300, AC1800 DB, N600, N450, N300, N600.

Different Belkin router models

Tutorial to configure your Belkin router

  • 1. Connect your PC and router using a Ethernet cable.
  • 2. Type in your browser’s address bar the default IP for all Belkin routers: If it does not work try to search for the default IP of your model in your user’s manual or on our dedicated page.
  • 3. Once on the page click “Login”
  • 4. Default password (if you did not change it before) is blank. Don’t enter anything and just click “Submit”
  • 5. Once inside the admin area, click “Connection Type”
  • 6. Select your connection type (usually “Dynamic”) and click “Next”
  • 7. Enter all your details provided by your ISP (Internet Service Provider) and click “Apply”

How to set up wireless feature on your router

In the admin area just click on the “Wireless” tab to configure it. You can change the wireless network name (SSID) and the channel.

How to enable wireless security on your Belkin device

In the admin area, click on the “Security” tab and follow the steps provided…

You're Belkin router is now set up ! Congratulations !
Your Belkin router device is now fully setup and you can use internet on any of your connected stuff (computer, ipad, iphone…)

How to set up a Belkin router
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