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Cisco company logoIf you have a Cisco router, you can set it up easily following this step by step tutorial. Cisco Systems is a very famous Californian brand, it’s the largest networking company in the world.

It was founded in Sans Francisco (hence the name) in 1984. It was the fist company to specialize into LAN (Local Area Network) used to connect disparate computers over a multi-protocol router system.

Which Cisco models can be configured ?

All routers models can be configured using this tutorial, you can have all these for example: CACHE ENGINE, CONFIGMAKER, CNR Rev. ALL, NETRANGER/SECURE IDS, BBSM Rev. 5.0 AND 5.1, BBSD MSDE CLIENT Rev. 5.0 AND 5.1, BBSM ADMINISTRATOR Rev. 5.0 AND 5.1, NETRANGER/SECURE IDS Rev. 3.0(5)S17, 831, 836, 800, 837, 857, 871, 876, 877, SB 101, SB 106, SB 107, SB 100, BBSM MSDE ADMINISTRATOR Rev. 5.0 AND 5.1, CATALYST 4000/5000/6000 Rev. ALL, PIX FIREWALL, VPN CONCENTRATOR 3000 SERIES Rev. 3, CONTENT ENGINE, AP1200 Rev. IOS, CISCOWORKS 2000, CISCOWORKS 2000, CONFIGMAKER, CISO AIRONET 1100 SERIES Rev. REV. 01, AIRONET, HSE, WLSE, AIRONET 1200, ARROWPOINT, RTP300 W/2 PHONE PORTS Rev. 1.0… and much more !

Different Cisco router models

Tutorial: How to configure your Cisco router

First be sure to have all necessary props, your Cisco router with all cables (power supply, Ethernet…), your PC with an Ethernet card, a Cisco console cable with DB-9 serial connector and a router antenna (or multiple) for these models: 851, 857, 871, 876 and 877. Once you’ve got all this, you’re ready to go !

  • 1. You will need to install the Cisco software for an easy configuration. You can download the latest version on the Cisco website.
  • 2. Once installed on your computer, launch this software (Click on the windows icon (start) then select “Programs” and “Cisco” and finally “Cisco Configuration Professional”.
  • 3. Select the “Community” option to configure your Cisco router.
  • 4. Click “Discover”, the software will automatically locate your new device and will set it up by itself.
  • 5. You’re ready to go ! Everything is ok !

May you encounter some problems with this configuration, be sure to go to the Cisco website to find a FAQ and some help.

How to set up a Cisco router
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