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Trendnet company logoIf you have a Trendnet router and want to set it up easily, just read this step by step tutorial.

You’re lucky because Trendnet routers have a “Wizard” which will do almost all the work for you… Nice news isn’t it ?

Trendnet is a Californian company, founded in 1990 in Torrance. It builds networking devices such as routers, hubs, wireless, peripheral. Quality is its main goal ! Enjoy…

Which Trendnet models can be configured ?

Almost all Trendnet routers can be configured using this tutorial and the wizard. If you have a very old router (more than 15 y.o) you might have some problems, otherwise you’re ready to go. We can list some routers like: AC3200, AC2600, AC1900, AC1750, AC750, N600, N300 and N150…

Tutorial how to set up your router

Different Trendnet routers. Tutorial to set up

This tutorial is in 2 steps, first one is to connect your router and then to set it up. Each of these steps are very easy to follow, let’s go !

Connect your Trendnet router

First, follow these steps tp connect your router:

  • 1. Disconnect your device from anything.
  • 2. Connect the detachable antenna (2dbi).
  • 3. Connect one of the Trendnet router device to your computer using an Ethernet cable (RJ-45).
  • 4. Using another RJ-45 cable, connect your modem to the “WAN” port on the back of the router.
  • 5. Connect the AC Power adapter to an electrical outlet and press “ON” on the back of the router.

Set up your Trendnet device

Once your router is connected, you can follow this tutorial to set it up:

  • 1. Open your favorite browser and type in in the address bar and press enter.
  • 2. Once on the page enter your username and password, you can find them on your user’s manual. They should normally be “ADMIN” (Caps) for both.
  • 3. You’re now logged in the admin area of your Trendnet router.
  • 4. In the menu choose the last option “Wizard”.
  • 5. Tick the PPPoE option and click “Next”.
  • 6. Tick “Manual selection” and click “Next”.
  • 7. Crosscheck the details on the page and click “Next”.
  • 8. Enter your connection information, you can get them from your ISP (Internet Service Provider). Enter your username and password and click “Next”.
  • 9. Now you can set up the Wi-Fi, click the Enable box for Device and enter your network name (SSID) and click “Next”.
  • 10. Add a strong password to secure your Wi-Fi (or anybody would be able to connect). Setup the wireless security settings by choosing WPA/WPA2+TKIP/AES and click “Next”.
  • 11. This is the end of the Wizard, simply click “Restart” and you’re done ! Your Trendnet router is now set up.

This tutorial should work for most of the models…

Set it up in video

If you’re experiencing some problems trying to setup your router, you can check the video below which will guide you thru the process. Enjoy !

How to set up a Trendnet router
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