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Maybe you’ve got a specific router and you forget your user’s manual ! In this step by step guide you will learn how to set up any router with ease. Everybody can do it ! If you want to set up a router for your home or office, business, whatever… You’re at the right place ! We tried to create the most simple walk through, please be sure to read it well and notice that some terms might be slightly different depending on your router brand/model. Anyway, the full process is always the same, just adapt it to your device. You can find specific tutorials for specific and popular brands (3Com, 2Wire, Asus…)

Tutorial to set up any router

Follow this easy guide we created for you ! May the force be with you 😉

Tutorial to setup your router with ease

  • 1. Get your router ready with everything needed (cables…).
  • 2. Find a secure place for your router (avoiding any bumps or knocks).
  • 3. Turn on your router with power cable inserted. Switch button is mostly on the back of your device.
  • 4. If you’re using a separate modem, connect it to the router with Ethernet cable (RJ45) or USB chord (recent models are most likely to connect with USB). Connection cables should be connected to “internet”, “uplink” or “WAN”. Once done, be sure to restart your router and make sure the modem recognizes the router.
  • 5. Connect your router to your computer using a connection cable. Moist recent routers can connect directly to your computer using WiFi but it’s recommended to use a cable for initial setup.
  • 6. Enter your router’s admin. Open your favorite internet browser (Firefox, Chrome, Opera, Safari, Edge…) and fill in the address bar with the router’s default IP. You can find this IP in your router’s manual, you might want to try 192.168.l.l or if you’re in a hurry. You can find your default IP using our database on the index of this website.
  • 7. Once on the admin page, login to the admin area using your username and password. Once again, if you don’t know those credentials, find them in your user’s manual. You might want to try admin/admin or admin/password if you’re in a hurry !
  • 8. Once logged in find a tab or a section called “internet connection”. You will be asked to enter some specific information about your internet connection. Those information are given by your Internet Service Provider. You can find them in your welcome mail. If you forget them, just ask your ISP customer support.
  • 9. Give a specific name to your network. You can change the name of the default network (SSID), it will be easier to find it if you’re surrounded by other networks.
  • 10. Validate your network connection. Be sure your computer is receiving valid IP address information from your device. If so, you’re ready to go !
  • 11. Internet test: Try to login to your favorite webpage using your web browser. If the webpage is displayed, your internet is correctly setup ! Congrats !
  • 12. Enhance your security by changing the default username and password. Lame hackers could enter your network is those credentials are still the default ones.
  • 13. Try to change your router’s place to be sure to have the best signal strength in your home or business office.

Once you’ve done all these steps your internet connection is secured and working ! Congratulations ! If you’re experiencing any issues or problems feel free to read your user’s manual or contact your ISP provider.

How to set up any router
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